Monday, July 16, 2007

the word made baby

You are the WORD…the
Eternal WORD…that
when spoken
life into being
the cosmos into existence
from nothing.
Nothing at all.

Yet…while being God,
Creator-God by nature,
You chose
To join us
In the human
The human journey…
Through time
day by day
hour by hour.

Not only did You choose
To be one
Of us,
Chose to become like us
In every respect…
being en-wombed
for nine months
in the body of
an unmarried, pregnant teenage
Then by coming
into this life through
the blood
and suffering of this girl
who would be Your mother.

While Mary was not the Mother of God,
Was certainly the mother of
The God-man-Who-walks-among-us
The Lamb of God
Who takes on our sins.

And You…
Eternal One that You are…
Grew into being a baby
His mother’s milk…
A baby Whose
Lips puckered in sleep…
Whose mouth opened
To cry
Because the WORD
Had yet to learn words
In the same way
All learn them…
by practice
by imitation
out of need
with all the cute mistakes
of baby-talk.

It was You…
The Eternal-WORD-made-into-a-baby
Who taught us
The baby-talk of prayer…
The kind of baby-talk
That moves mountains…
You taught us to pray,

You taught us
That lifting hands to pray
Was more
Than correct form…
Instead…it was what every child
Instinctively knows…
Repeating expectantly words like:
“Pick me up…”
“Daddy, please…now…”

You taught us
That when we correctly assess
Our situation
we find that the Creator-of-All…
is our “Abba”…and…
That we best understand ourselves
when we see ourselves
as His “little children.”
John got this long before
the rest of us did.
For sure.

Life and the cosmos
From the viewpoint of the Creator’s-child
Many things more clear….
not always fun
nor easy
more clear.

So, Lord,
You are
The baby Who came
To join us…so that
Might free
Us from all
our brokenness
our lifeless lives
our wasted days
and from

Reign in us…
Make our baby-talk
Acceptable in YaHWeH’s sight…
sweet words.

Please do this.

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Sarah Markley said...

Thank you for posting this. Your words are so right and very beautiful. Thank you for reminding me Who it is we worship!