Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Great (from Lamentations 3)


Your Name is great
Your mercy is great
Your love is great
Your wrath is great
Your attention to us
Is great...and a bit

We aren't powerful like
We aren't beautiful like
Of the graceful creatures who
Glide over the land...
Fly above the earth...or
Slip through the seas.

We can be the meanest, least
Desirable of companions
Betraying one another for
Abandoning one another for
The latest thing...or even
A younger thing
Spreading our low practice of love
To yet another

Friday, October 10, 2008

Copying Jesus

The only ting we can copy
Straight from You
Is Your determination
to do only
what Your Father
told You to do...
to say only
what You heard
Your Father saying...

Everything else you did
Was in direct repsonse
Both to
Your Father's words
and what
You saw the needs
Of others to be.

Friday, July 11, 2008

old is okay

Lord Jesus...
Sweet Spirit of Holiness...

Age is Your gift
to us
out of the bounty of Your heart!

on this dark planet,
to grow older...
is to spend more time
on You...
with You...
to You...
to me...age means
I now have granddaughters
to love...

What an amazing
from Your hand
it is...
to meet and love
the child
of my child!

Monday, June 09, 2008

You NEVER the little things...

You NEVER change...

From the beginning, You
have noticed us...never
letting us out of
Your thots...or
Your sight.

You notice the little ones...
the small things...and
make them great
real...and strong.

You noticed
a baby, saving him from
so that he could lead
his people into
You enabled him to bring
Your Law down to earth
so we could read it for
You made Him into
Your friend.

You noticed David...
who was overlooked by his
own family...
You led him
to kill a giant...
to become a king...
to become a prophet of YaHWeH
in songs...that
are still being sung over
two thousand years later.

Lord, in the years
You walked around with us
down here...
You noticed the babies
coming to You
for blessing....
You stopped
to touch & bless them.
You let us know that
You were angry
that we would stop them
from coming to You.

You noticed the
the boy with a small
You made sufficient
for thousands of people.

You took notice of the
girls...the women...who
were overlooked
by everyone else...and
You taught them as if they were
worthy of your undivided
attention and care.

You noticed the touch
of a poor, sick widow
slowly dying of a hemorrhage.
You stopped EVERYTHING
to speak to her
to heal her body...and
her heart.

You took notice of another
her tiny offering
of only two bits of copper...
both together added up to
less than a penny.

You said,

"She has given more than
all the others."

"They gave from their
their extra funds."

"She gave from her need,
her empty purse...
all that she had."

Little people...
Little things...
Little offerings...these
are the things You
take special notice of.

You have ALWAYS been this way!

Why is it, Lord, that we
have such difficulty
being as satisfied
as You are
with the little things?


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

two years old

seeing our two-year-old
hurricane of a granddaughter
over this past weekend has given me
new respect
for my daughter, Sarah...and
her husband, Chad.

They deal with this little
amazing girl
who needs to have her way
SO desperately
that she gives a
TOTAL COMMITMENT to everything
she does.

She does nothing unless
it's all or nothing!

Yet even as I see her express
EXTREME dissatisfaction, I cannot help
but note that she is only two years old!
She doesn't know any better.
this is the stage of life where she has begun
to realize that the universe
does NOT revolve around her.

Naturally, this disturbs her...
but then, she is only two!

Too often,
like a two-year-old,
hold my breath
stiffen my body...and
cry loudly
whenever things don't
go my way...

Too often, Lord,
I stick out my lower lip
I want to quit...and
I demand that You fix be
the way I want them
to be.

My comfort zone seems to be
as small as that of our
but then, she is only two!

Is it because I want
MY kingdom to come...
MY will to be done...
instead of wanting
the waiting
the looking for
the working for
Your will...and
Your kingdom to come,

Am I too much like our little,
is only two?
She doesn't know any better...while
I least,
I should.

You show me so much
grace, mercy...and
a long-suffering heart.
You restrain from judgment...
over & over
giving me the benefit of
the doubt.

Your love floods
me...pouring over my fear...
my doubt...
making them into bad memories...
as long as I look at You!

When I was a child...
I thought
as a child...
I spoke
as a child...but
when I became a man,
I put away childish things.

There is SO much hope
for our grand-girl...because
she turns three in awhile...and
has wonderful a mom & dad who
model Jesus to her
each day.

My hope, Lord,
is in YOU...
Your Love...
Your growing me.

Like our grand-girl, I
want You to grow me up
so that I might more & more
reflect Your face.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Isaiah 6 (paraphrase)
5 "Woe to me!" I cried. "I am ruined! For I am a man of polluted lips, and I live among a people of polluted speech…my eyes have seen the King, the LORD Almighty."
6 Then one of the seraphs flew to me with a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with tongs from the altar.
7 With it he touched my mouth and said, "See, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away and your sin atoned for."

FIRE-angels flew
As close
As they could come
To You…while
Shouting the only thoughts
They could think…

“Holy! Holy! HOLY!
The whole Earth
Is filled past filling
With the weight of His worth!”

Was what one of the
FIRE-angels used
To burn away
My shame
My guilt…so
I could hear You…so
I could talk to You!

Was what entered
My heart
I realized that You
Could hear me…
Was interested in hearing
Me…and even more.
You were intent on
Using FIRE to heal
My brothers and sisters…who
Were broken just like me…

Yes, Lord, it is true
What they say about LOVE…

“You are a FIRE!”

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Us..and me…

meditations from Isaiah 6:1-8

All I could think

“Woe!” I said.
I pronounced my own
I damned myself for
What I had said…for
Even in speaking
At Your request,
I knew
I had mis-spoken…for
NOW…I could see
Your glory in its brightness…
Your majesty on display.
I could see
How, without even trying,
Your majesty overwhelmed
Even the mightiest of
Created beings…who
Seemed to be made of FIRE…
Yet all they could
To do or say…
Was to protect themselves
From your shining majesty
Even as they shouted
The God-Who-Commands-All-Power…
Commander-in Chief-of-Angel-Armies…
His awesome majesty
All creation to

They were
Balls of streaking FIRE
Shouting un-ending PRAISE
As if their own power was…

All I could think

You…on the other hand
Seem to think of

From the beginning,
You have bowed
To make the cosmos…
To people Earth
With us…
To become grieved over
Our sin…
To send messenger
After messenger…to
Help us return to
Our senses…
To you!

You never gave up
Your attempt
To re-deem us…
To re-life us…
To re-create us…for
In Your Deepest-Deep,
You loved us.

While the Fire-Angels
Praised You…and even
As I shrank away
From You…
Were deep in a conversation
That You wanted
To partner in...
A conversation focused on
Finding one more messenger
To carry word of
Your True-WORD
To us lost ones.

I had no idea!

One Fire-Angel flew
To me with FIRE
To burn me clean…
I could hear You…and
Lose my speechlessness.

Your great heart…
Your Deepest-Deep
Is always turned outward
In Love…for
It seems that LOVE
Is what You are.