Monday, June 09, 2008

You NEVER the little things...

You NEVER change...

From the beginning, You
have noticed us...never
letting us out of
Your thots...or
Your sight.

You notice the little ones...
the small things...and
make them great
real...and strong.

You noticed
a baby, saving him from
so that he could lead
his people into
You enabled him to bring
Your Law down to earth
so we could read it for
You made Him into
Your friend.

You noticed David...
who was overlooked by his
own family...
You led him
to kill a giant...
to become a king...
to become a prophet of YaHWeH
in songs...that
are still being sung over
two thousand years later.

Lord, in the years
You walked around with us
down here...
You noticed the babies
coming to You
for blessing....
You stopped
to touch & bless them.
You let us know that
You were angry
that we would stop them
from coming to You.

You noticed the
the boy with a small
You made sufficient
for thousands of people.

You took notice of the
girls...the women...who
were overlooked
by everyone else...and
You taught them as if they were
worthy of your undivided
attention and care.

You noticed the touch
of a poor, sick widow
slowly dying of a hemorrhage.
You stopped EVERYTHING
to speak to her
to heal her body...and
her heart.

You took notice of another
her tiny offering
of only two bits of copper...
both together added up to
less than a penny.

You said,

"She has given more than
all the others."

"They gave from their
their extra funds."

"She gave from her need,
her empty purse...
all that she had."

Little people...
Little things...
Little offerings...these
are the things You
take special notice of.

You have ALWAYS been this way!

Why is it, Lord, that we
have such difficulty
being as satisfied
as You are
with the little things?